Saturday, February 4, 2017

Luis Castañón HW1

London, 1890

During the industrial revolution of England the mafia groups began to sow the chaos between the poorer districts. Extortion, murder, abduction of children for forced labor ... The story tells the life of Arthur Lyons, a child who witnesses the murder of his parents at the hands of a mafia family boss, Ray Ness. His parents tried to hide Arthur from being sent to the industrial zone to do forced labor jobs like the rest of the children in the suburbs. Arthur will begin thinking a plan, which will culminate 10 years later, to avenge his family.

Arthur: He has grown up feeling a great resentment towards the gangster families of the industrial zone of London. At 10 he had to learn to survive and to think like an adult. Now 10 years later (with 20 years old), his plans of revenge are finally going to start.

Ray: Leader of the most bloodthirsty gangsters of London. He was injured in one leg by Arthur's father when they tried to hide his son. Due to the severe pains he medicates himself with an experimental drug that makes him lose, even more, the control of his actions, to the point of becoming a monster.

Aurore: Arthur's childhood friend. She works as florist, helping her mother. They sheltered Arthur in his house for a while after the murder of his parents, but because of the constant inspections of the Ness clan, Arthur had to leave the house. Now Aurore helps Arthur with his plans of revenge.

Roy: Arthur's cousin, orphan at birth. Since the death of Arthur's parents he has become like a big brother to Arthur, protecting him and teaching how to survive in the streets. It will also help Arthur to fulfill his revenge.

Inspector Donovan: He has come to the city willing to investigate a series of missing weapons and drugs that were traveling aboard a ship from Asia.

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